The of Montreal show was magical and I had pretty awesome night in downtown Pomona to go along with it. I got there with a healthy lead on my brother and his ladyfriend, whom I would be meeting there closer to doors (around 9:30).

I decided to explore some areas of downtown Pomona that he had never seen before, and happened upon The Globe, a pretty rad little store with DJing equipment, hip hop apparel, patches, badges, piercing supplies, and vinyls. I noticed that the walls were fully stocked, and I was the only person in the store for the entire 20 minutes I browsed the wares. I thought to myself, “Wow, this economy thing is really sucking – bad time to have a mom ‘n’ pop operation.” Turns out The Globe had been in the same spot for several years and was well known in Pomona and the greater San Gabriel Valley. Silly me!

The Glasshouse tore out the old, brick-walled side theatre and put in a bar. The drinks were surprisingly cheap – $5 per – although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were only that cheap on “show nights”. The show was really good and the vocals were dead on . They pulled pretty much everything off, including Gronlandic Edit, but I was STOOOOKED that they played Requiem for O.M.M.2. Get a load of it, son!

Dig those layered vocals, Freddie. I MEAN…Bowie…I MEAN…Kevin Barnes!

They played one new song that I think sounded almost bluesier than some of their more recent, R&B, Prince-inspired stuff. One thing is for certain, Kevin Barnes has a puzzling…infatuation?….with the concept of humanoid torsos with animal heads. There were both pulsating, amateur Flash animations with that theme and stage actors acting out dramatic vignettes based on the songs. The actors were, of course, wearing animal head-coverings and an array of random miscellany. But probably the best thing about any of Montreal show is the high energy and the bright colors everywhere! Let’s have bizarre celebrations! Wooo!


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