Percival Presents: Grant Writing for Bloggers!

Ever since I’ve been writing grants, I find myself constantly needing to reassure myself that I can still write anything of value. Anything that doesn’t contain the words “implement” , “initiative”, or “strategy”.

Went to an Alkaline Trio show this past weekend at The House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. While visiting Los Angeles, I was reminded that I really love to hate that city. There are some aspects of it that are pretty cool. Like in any metropolitan city, you can find nice parks and culture and it sure as heck isn’t boring. But LA generally seems to be implementing a goat scrote strategy (I’M A FAILURE).

The show was pretty rad, though. They seem to have a very sincere presence on stage, while still being true showmen. Shows where there is a decent opener seem to have better vibes, and when the band you’re watching is into it as well it is definitely good times.


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