“It’s been nice knowing you”

Nice trachea, Jenny Rilo Kiley played at The Greek Theatre last night and they pretty much rocked my pants off (not literally, thank God for everyone). Given the gorgeous venue, however, I don’t know how any band could play an uninspired set there. On top of all of that, they never suck. Jenny’s voice is consistently flawless and they didn’t experience any technical difficulties, something that tends to happen quite a bit at Rilo Kiley shows. They manage to bring an entirely new energy to their songs when they play live that definitely has a harder edge to it. I keep hearing rumors that this was their last show. I’m not sure about their legitimacy, but I would absolutely be satisfied if that was the last time I ever saw them play live. The setlist pulled heavily from their more downtempo excursions from The Execution of All Things with the exception of a heavier finale of “A Better Son/Daughter”. On top of that, even when they ventured into selections from Under The Blacklight, they fucking worked it out. In case this is the end for Rilo Kiley, I wish them the best. Best of luck in your music, your careers, your lives. Oh, and good luck with the settlement for victims of glitter-induced blindness caused by these things:


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