God Bless the BBC!

Iris Robinson, Northern Ireland parliamentary representative (or NP) of a constituency in northwestern Northern Ireland (it’s way up there) called Strangford, seems to have recently had a homophobic panty-wetting, stating that homosexuals make her “sick” and “nauseous” and they should seek “psychiatric help”. Really? Like drugs and shit? Isn’t that taking it just a BIT too far there, Mrs. Robinson. I’m pretty sure my doctor won’t be able to prescribe me anything that will magically turn me straight. Except maybe staring at a naked Dick Cheney for four hours. Barf.

But strap me to a gurney and hook up the electroshockers if there aren’t some good people who will stand up to this horseshit, like Upper Bann NP Dolores Kelly. In case you missed it, she was the lady with the pink swirly undershirt. Work it, girl. Additionally, the second largest trade union in the UK (UNISON) and the country’s largest white collar trade union (NIPSA) have both publicly opposed Robinson and her remarks.

In honor of gay pride month, that surly gentleman in the above clip who eloquently labeled Robinson’s comments “Nunsunse”, and on behalf of this and millions of other non medicated fags, I’d like to give Mrs Robinson a very special gift:

Elton & Gorilla

Happy Gay Pride! It’s Elton John and a gorilla!

Rainbows and happiness,



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