I have a bizarre love of taking a rough lump of coal rife will errors, and squeezing it into a sparkling, grammatically correct diamond. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a degree in anything that will be useful in getting me a job doing this.

Basically, I’m hoping against all hope that in the future when we can manipulate objects with our swollen, pulsating minds, a group of sea foam green-skinned earthlings will telepathically unearth a black Compaq CPU and, when they discern that you need one of those old monitors (”How quaint!”) to see its contents, they will discover the rants of a genius. Unappreciated in his time, my writing will spark a reawakening across the world, and pyramid-shaped altars will be constructed on the backs of slaves, and all of my subjects will be compelled to perform bloody, cruel human sacrifices in my name…..

….in other words, I needs to practice me some writing.



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